Exclusive Reseller Templates – Installation and Configuration with WHMCS

The installation and the configuration with WHMCS for chosen template can be done easily. This guide is written to explain as to what you need to follow to have your new site up and running.

For the ease of explaining, I’ve broken this guide in to 5 section.
So lets get started.

SECTION A: Extracting the template’s content

You would need to first extract the downloaded folder (template name).

Make a folder on your desktop and extract it to that (you can extract the template to any folder on any drive you prefer, but for easy access, desktop is the best choice)

Once the extraction is done you will find 4 folders inside. Namely coded, fonts, source and whmcs template.

Note: depending on the chosen template, the number of folders you will find within the template directory may differ


SECTION B: Developing the website through the template

Double click and open the folder named “codded”. Inside, you will see 3 .html files and 2 folders : images and css.

These resources are the base of the template. Using these basic features and by adding new items you can develop your website. A web site designing tool such as the following will be of use to you.

- Dreamweaver

- Expression Web

- Kompozer etc.

(you can do a google for more tools such as the above ones)


SECTION C: Uploading the pages and content to the web through FTP client

Once you complete designing/developing of your website, its time to upload the pages to your public_html directory of your cPanle/FTP account.

Uploading the developed site to the web can be done easily through FTP. So you can follow the below guide to do so.

Install FileZilla client version in your computer. This is a free app so you can download it for free.

Link to download: https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?show_all=1

Now log into your FTP account with credentials we have given in your hosting account’s Welcome Email. Upload the html files and the 2 folders (images and css) separately, to public_html folder.

Once uploading is complete, you would need to clear browser cache before viewing your new site for the first time. Please follow this link if you are unsure about browser cache clearing: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser’s-Cache

If you follow the process mentioned above correctly, you will not encounter any problems with seeing the new site up and running.


SECTION D: Installing WHMCS through Softaculous

To install the WHMCS you will need to first have the WHMCS license key. Once you obtain it, follow this tutorial to successfully install it from Softaculous



SECTION E: Integrating the template’s WHMCS theme with your WHMCS system (setup in SECTION D)

To integrate the template’s theme with your WHMCS system, follow this tutorial: