Reseller Hosting – Getting Started Guide

Thank you for purchasing your Reseller web hosting account from SkyNetHosting.Net Inc. This guide will help you get started with your new Reseller account and provides the information you need to get your site and your customers’ sites up and running.

Welcome Email: First step before getting started is to read the Welcome Email that we have sent you which includes your reseller account logins and details. It’s very important to read this email in full and become familiar with all the features that we are offering before getting started.

Updating Nameservers: The next step is to update nameservers and point your primary website and client websites to our servers as follows;

We offer 2 nameserver options as outlined in your welcome email;

1. Default Nameservers

If this option is chosen you simply have to “CHANGE” your domain’s nameservers to the default nameservers given under the “NAMESERVER INFORMATION” section in your welcome email. The process of changing nameservers defer depending on the registry that you have registered the domain as explained here;

How to change nameservers if you have your domain registered with us?
How to change the nameservers if you have your domain registered with a different provider?

2. Private Nameservers

Private nameservers would be ideal if you want to brand your nameservers with your company name and however, the only drawback is that it involves slightly complicated setup to have them enabled initially and once it’s set up it’s very easy to use them.

To setup your own private nameservers, you must first enable them from WHM > “Basic WebHost Manager® Setup”, from there tick the icon that says “Explicitly Set the Nameservers” and enter the private nameservers given in your welcome email and hit “Save” button.

Then next step is to create same nameservers at your domain registrar as explained below. This process is called creating private nameservers or child nameservers and may defer from registrar to registrar. If you are unsure please, ask the steps from your domain registrar support.

How to create private nameservers if you have your domain registered with us?
How to create private nameservers if your domain is registered with a different provider?

If you have any hosting accounts with a remote hosting provider you can request us to transfer the accounts to your reseller account as explained here (
Now your reseller account is ready to create web hosting accounts. But before that you have to create packages (hosting plans) defining how much space, transfer and what type of features that you are going to offer to your clients as explained here;
How to Create a Package from WHM?
Once you have create the packages you are ready to create hosting accounts. There are 2 options to create web hosting accounts from WHM as follows;
1. Automated Hosting Account Creation with WHMCS (recommended)
2. Manually Create Accounts from WHM
If you haven’t install WHMCS in the above step we highly recommend installing WHMCS to manage and automate your we hosting business as explined in the following guide. If you haven’t already requested your FREE WHMCS License from you can do it as explined bellow
If your package comes with a free WHMCS License, Click Here ( > Internal ) request a FREE WHMCS Branded License (License are for internal use only, please make sure the domain that you need the license points to our servers before requesting the license)

Step by Step Guide to Install WHMCS
Once you have install the WHMCS you can automate the domain registrations as explined bellow;
Step by Step Guide to Setup Domain Reseller Account with WHMCS and Automate Domain Selling
You can signup for the domain reseller account at our completely white labeled domain reseller site at the following url;

You must SIGN UP WITH YOUR BILLING EMAIL. This is the email address we have on file for your account in our help desk and billing system. (This feature is for selected reseller plans only)
Once all above back-end setups are completed its time design your website (if you already have a website you can skip that part). There’s 2 option to build your hosting website with us;
1. Using MyCompanyWeb;
MyCompanyWeb is a premade, WHMCS back-end supported, complete private-labeled, retail website from where your customers can sign up for various products and services. It’s just a matter of minutes before you can start your very own web hosting company with MyCompanyWeb installed. Only Selected plans support MyCompanyWeb (e.g VIP Reseller VIP Plans), if your plan support this feature you can request to enable it by Clicking Here ( > MyCompanyWeb )Once you have made the request you will receive an email with subject “MyCompanyWeb – MyCompanyWeb – Be a Professional Host in 97 Minutes!” with details on how to complete the installation or you can refer to the following link once the order is made;
MyCompnayWeb Installation Guide with FAQ ( )
The reseller templates that we offer is custom designed for Inc. and not be found anywhere else. If your package comes with this free templates option, you can request for the templates from Members Area > Services > View Available Addons > Exclusive Reseller Templates. Following guide will explain step by step using the templates to build your website.
Step By Step Guide on Installing the Templates and Integrating the template’s WHMCS theme with your WHMCS ( )
Reselling VPS and Dedicated Servers with 50% Discount
If you are on our VIP or Corporate VIP Reseller Plans you can order our USA VPS and USA Dedicated Servers with up to 50% recurring discount from the following url:

For selected plans, you can order SSL’s for your customers from the “Addons” section from your member’s area. Follow the below URL;

To install SSL in cPanel, follow this guide:
To install SSL in WHM, follow this guide:
Our reseller plans comes with Web Hosting Legal Documents including Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Service Level Agreement. You can follow the below steps to download the legal documents, the documents are for selected reseller plans only.

From Members Area Go To: Services > My Services > Under “My Products & Services” click on the related reseller plan > Manage Product > Downloads > Legal Documents
We offer 24/7 Live Sales Chat for all users of MyCompanyWeb that are on Corporate VIP Plans. If you are on a Corporate VIP Plan and using MCW, you can order this feature from > LIVE End-User Sales Chat for MCW. It takes 24 hours to setup this feature.

If your reseller plan comes with a End-User Support Option, you can use the following link to request end user support.

End User Support will be provided from your own branded help desk installed at your preferred domain. You can monitor our responses or reply by your own via your help desk admin area. If you request us to install the additional WHMCS Plug-in your customers will also have the option to submit tickets from your WHMCS member area.

For technical support please talk to us over live chat or open a support ticket as follows;
1. Help Desk: – 24/7
2. Live Chat:
Additional Reseller Features (Available on Selected Reseller Plans Only);
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Hope you would enjoy your stay at SkyNetHosting.Net Inc.