MyCompanyWeb Reseller’s Guide (V.2.1)

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Anybody in need of a completely automated website which lets you to become professional web hosting provider within few hours, then by all means, this is worth checking out!

This guide is written to explain how to sell and configure web hosting and other services to customers using MCW.

How do I sell hosting packages.

When it comes to selling services from MCW, you as the reseller have full control over the Shared Web Hosting packages you sell. By this we mean, you can create your own shared hosting plans within the amount of resources allocated for your reseller account and sell them using MCW.

As for Reseller, Dedicated and VPS services (in addition to shared hosting plans); if you decide to sell those through MCW, you can advertise the above plans as we’ve displayed on our website. If a client of yours happen to order any of those hosting packages, all you need to do is simply purchase that same hosting package from our website at

You need to purchase the required hosting package from us first. Our support staff will setup the hosting account and update you with the Welcome Email. Then in turn you can resell the plan and update your client with the welcome email.

How do I sell domains

In the process of domain reselling, you can sell domains directly from MCW as the process is fully automated.
There are only two requirements:

- Be signed up for a domain reselling account via:

- Have sufficient funds in the domain reseller account:
Since we will be deducting the related amount of the domain from your domain reseller account, it is important that you have enough funds in your account. Once you have that, you are good to go.
to add funds to your domain reseller account follow this URL:

How do I go about reselling the licenses and SSL?

Once again, if your customers request for WHMCS licenses or for SSL + dedicated IP (basically the addons), all you need to do is purchase the required from your billing area: and let us do the technical handling.

We will do the issuing/installing of the addon for free and update you so you could update your client. The processes are completely white labeled so there will be no trace of us.

How do I define the pricing scheme for hosting plans, domains and the licenses?

When it comes to the pricing factor, you as the owner of your website have total control over it. By keeping a profit, you are free to decide on the best selling price. We or anybody else will not interfere on this aspect.Once you decided on what you’ll be selling from the website, you can very easily create the related shared web hosting packages in WHM.Determining and setting up (or editing) the price details of all services in your WHMCS system, is super easy as it takes just a few clicks!

When you get MCW installed on your domain, all price details relating to all the packages and domains advertised on MCW are set up in your WHMCS by default. Therefore, it takes just a couple of minutes for you to edit the price details.

To edit the price details:
Log into your WHMCS > Setup > Products/Services > Products/Services > click on the edit icon, which is next to the product name you need to edit the price of > click on the Pricing tab and do the necessary modifications.

To add pricing details:

Tutorial Guides

Below tutorial guides will be useful for overall modifications.

What’s more awesome is that all plans displayed on MCW already, are setup in your WHMCS, by default with the default prices. Depending on your requirement, you are free to do any adjustments on them.

On conclusion…

All of the services offered to your customers through us are completely white labeled. There will be no trace of us, whatsoever.
We are only your prime service provider from behind scenes.

Unbranded – easy to understand – and super easy to conduct your business; MCW is all you need to get going!!