Start Your Own Hosting Company in 97 MINUTES with MyCompanyWeb™

Hi there web host newbie!

Have you given up the hope of becoming a web host simply because you couldn’t find favorable web hosting service provider who will suite to your budget while offer you quality web hosting with zero downtime? At SkyNetHosting.Net, your craving for all that top notch service  is taken care of . What’s even great is, on top of all that, our reseller hosting plans include a free fabulous complete web hosting site – just for you to use it as your very own web site! Now how cool is that?

The possibilities for ANY newbie to start your own web hosting business within minutes of configuring the template on a domain you prefer, is now open with us. From template logo replacing to configuring the back end of the template, we provide guidance with no cost whatsoever.
This is all you need to do:

  1. Signup for a reseller account you prefer.
  2. Request the following free features from the member’s area.
    • - MyCompanyWeb
    • - WHMCS License
    • - End User Support (If You want us to provide support to your customers)
    • - Domain Reseller Account
    • - SSL Reseller Account
    • - 2CO Merchant Account
  3. Enable the Payment Gateway and Domain Reselling plugins from WHMCS backend (we provide you guidance)  and start making money!

my company web
Why run after many worthless web hosting services for specifics when you have  SkyNetHosting offering all that along with a single plan? We’re your friendly host. We consider every web hosting novice like your self equally important, thus it drives us to narrow down the barriers of newbie entry to the web hosting market. Join SkyNetHosting and become member of a family of web hosts where quality is given priority above quantity – Happy Hosting!