How to transfer your domain to SkyNetHosting.Net

This guide is written to give you an understanding of what you need to follow in order to transfer your domain.

Before you commence the domain transferral, there are couple of prerequisites you need to check, they are:

A) Whether your domain is transferable:

Refer to URL: to know about the transferring conditions.

B) Whether you need to obtain a Domain (Transfer) Secret or Authorization Code (known as Unique Domain Authentication ID or EPP code):

For the domain transfer to take place, you need to be able to verify that you are the actual owner of the domain in subject. By obtaining the secret code, it confirms that your are the true owner of the domain and only you can transfer it. Refer to URL: to know instances when you need the code and where you’d find it.


Once you have confirmed both A and B, you can make a request to transfer your domain over to .

Let’s see how you do it…

1. Make a request to transfer your domain

You would need to make a request for the domain transferal to take place. Once you have the authorization code (also referred to as the EPP code), which you will need to remember, you must provide to the new domain registrar ( This unique code is the token that allows the new the registrar to take over the domain registration from the old.

2. Proceed with transferring the domain

Use the following URL to initiate the transferral:
Fill out the fields with the relevant information and hit Submit to proceed.

Once you’ve completed the submitting the request, you will receive an authorization email to the administrative contact (current domain owners email address). You would need to respond to this within 5 days from the date the email was sent, so that you could confirm the domain transfer to proceed. Please note until you approve the email, the domain transfer will NOT start.

Once the domain transfer has begun, our system will send an email to the Admin Contact of the domain name as appearing in the whois server of the Current Registrar.

Within the Order Information screen of your domain control panel, you can verify the email address we obtained from their whois server (the Current Registrar’s whois server), at the time you initiated the domain transfer.

If a situation arises, where the Admin Contact has not receive the authorization email even after placing the transfer, you your self can easily resend it by clicking the Resend Transfer Authorization Email link.


To resend the authorization email to the Admin Contact:

  1. Log into your domain control panel:
  2. Enter the domain you are transferring to the field Jump to Domain field box and search for it.
    (you can do the same by going to Manage Order > List/Search Orders > Enter the domain search for it. When the domain is found, it will be shown on the right hand panel, click on the domain)
  3. You will land on the profile page of the searched domain and under the Domain Registration section, you will see the status as approval pending.
  4. Hit the button Resend Transfer Authorization Email to resend the email to the Admin Contact.

The transfer generally takes a few days, and when it is complete, your domain will no longer be registered with the old registrar . Keep in mind that this doesn’t affect your website in any way. Your website will still be available at the default address.

3. Confirm the transfer with the new registrar

Once your domain has successfully transferred to the new registrar, you will be notified about it. We would then send all the relevant details to the accounts setting up department for the account to be created for the transferred domain.

Finally, to confirm the domain transfer, you need to change the name servers and update with the ones given along with the new account’s details. By doing so, your domain will now point to’s servers.

You can edit the name server values from your domain management panel like so:

Log into your domain control panel

then from,

Settings > Domain Specific > Default Information, enter the new default name server information and hit Save to save the entry.


Special Case: Transferring a .UK Domain name

The process of transferring a .UK domain name from another Registrar is quite different to the process which one needs to follow when transferring domain names under other extensions. In cases of transferring a .UK domain name, the transfer needs to be initiated at the Current Registrar’s end.

In order for you to begin the transferring process, just as always you need to make sure whether or not this domain is transferable

Refer to URL: to know about the domain transfer ability.

Once you’ve understood whether your .UK domain name can be Transferred

  1. Initiate the Transfer at the Current Registrar with whom you are managing your .UK domain name. You need to provide the IPS Tag of the Gaining (New) Registrar (that is us – in order to initiate the Transfer. The IPS Tag for SkyNetHosting is NETEARTHONE.
  2. Now, log into your domain control panel, from Manage Orders > Transfer Domain and enter the domain name you wish to transfer
  3. Enter the Username (Email Address) and select the Registrant Contact for this domain name. You may select from the available list of Contacts or Add a New Contact.


    Please note, that it is very important that you do not change the identity of the Registrant Contact of a .UK domain during the Transfer process. You may modify the Identity once the domain name has been transferred to SkyNetHosting by referring to the process listed at

  4. Finally, select the check box to agree to the associated Product Agreement(s) and click the Confirm Order button to have domain name activated within your control panel, that’s it!