How to take a full backup for website migration

Here we explain how to take a full cPanel backup of a web site in order to migrate that web site to a new server…..

  1. Log into your cPanel account and locate the “Backup Wizard” icon under the “Files” section.cpanel-backup-icon
  2. Next, choose Backup. backup-link
  3. Then choose Full Backup.full-backup-link
  4. Choose Home Directory from the drop down list, Backup Destination. This will allow the backup to be created in the home directory of the cPanle account. For options on Email Address:  select the first option and enter an email address. When the backup has been created, an email will be sent to this email ID, hit Generate Backup.set_path_of _backup
  5. Once the backup has been created, go to File Manager of cPanle and select Home Directory option.home_directory
  6. Scroll and locate the backup you just created and left click on it. Select Move option.move_option
  7. Enter public_html as the path and hit Move File(s).public_html
  8. Now go to public_html folder and find the backup which was moved. locate_backup
  9. Right click on the back up and choose Change Permission option. Select the check boxes to get the value 644 and hit on Change Permission button.change_permission
  10. Select the check boxes to get the value 644 (shown below) and hit on Change Permission button.add_permission
  11. Now the backup created is in downloadable format. The downloadable link should look similar to: http://your_domain/backup.tar.gz. Paste the backup URL on the web browser and you can download it easily.