How to set up your Payment Gateways for use with WHMCS?

Before you can accept payments from clients through WHMCS, you must first set it up with at least one payment gateway. Let’ see how it’s done. Check out the WHMCS video demo on this process of Setting up your Payment Gateway for use with WHMCS

  1. Log into WHMCS admin panel and click on Setupsetup-from-whmcs
  2. Mouse hover
  3. Click Payment
  4. To select a payment module, click on the down warded arrow. We’ll select Paypal for a start and click on Activate button to activate Paypal as the chosen payment
  5. Scroll down and fill out the form with all the correct details.insert-information-relating-to-paypal-activation
  6. At the very least, you’ll need to specify your Paypal Email address.type-in-paypal-email-address
  7. If you want to give refunds from within WHMCS, you’ll also need to fill in the three API fields.insert-information-relating-to-paypal-API
  8. When finished customizing the settings, click Save
  9. Let’s add another payment gateway and select Offline Credit Card and click on Activate.choose-and-activate-offline-credit-card-module
  10. You can rearrange the display order for the active gateways using these arrows.rearrange-the-paymeny-module-listed-order
  11. Payment gateways can be deactivated by clicking the red link next to each


You cannot deactivate a payment gateway that is currently being used anywhere in WHMCS.
This is end of the tutorial. You’re now able to set up as many payment gateways in WHMCS as you want.

Setting up your Payment Gateway for use with WHMCS