How to set up Domain Pricing and Registrars in WHMCS?

This tutorial and the video tutorial – Setting up Domain Pricing and Registrars in WHMCS will show you how to set prices of each top-level domain you want to sell. Great thing about this setup in WHMCS is that you can configure it to work with many different domain registrars. Follow along and see how it’s done!

  1. Log into your WHMCS admin panel and click on the Setup tab.setup-from-whmcs
  2. Mouse hover Products/
  3. Then click on Domain
  4. Now, specify the top-level domain you want to add.set-the-top-level-domain
  5. Use the check boxes above to enable any of the addons you want to provide, at the prices specified below.set-the-addon-domains
  6. Auto Registration allows you to select a registrar for WHMCS to use to automatically set up any domains of the TLD you specified. Select one from the list if you want or just leave it as
  7. When finished, click Save Changes. Repeat with as many TLDs as you
  8. When all the TLDs have been added, click Open Pricing to set the pricing for each
  9. For each term you wish to offer the domains of this type, specify the price of registrations, transfers and renewals. Registrations can be left as 0 to disable everything for that term; the other two should be set as -1 to disable each.
  10. Start with registrations lasting 1 year.set-the-register-pricing
  11. Then the Transfer price.type-in-the-transfer-price
  12. Lastly, Renewalsset-renewal-price
  13. Repeat with any other years you want to activate.
  14. When finished, click Save Changes. Wait for the changes to save and then close
  15. Repeat with the rest of the top-level domains. Then, let’s proceed to the next page.
  16. Click on Setup once again.setup-from-whmcs
  17. Mouse hover Products/
  18. Click Domain
  19. Choose a Registrar module by clicking Activate button next to it’s
  20. Fill out this information. You’ll need similar info for all the registrar modules.fill-out-selected-module-information
  21. When finished, click Save
  22. Changes saved. Please note that some registrar modules must be synchronized frequently in order for due dates and domain statuses remain up to date. You can do that by setting up a cron job on your hosting account to run the command listed below.module-activation-in-whmcs-is-complete
  23. Set the cron job up exactly as the main WHMCS cron job, except for the interval: The cron job should run every few days, not every day. For details, watch the other tutorial in this series.
  24. You can also set up default nameservers and contact details with registrar module settings.
  25. Click Setup.setup-from-whmcs
  26.  Click General Settings.choose-general-settings
  27. Click Domainsclick-on-domains-tab
  28. You can set various options for domain registration. Scroll down to this section to set Default Name Servers.set-the-default-name-servers
  29.  Setting up  default address for billing, admin and tech contacts can also be done here.
  30. After you are done click Save

This is the end of the tutorial. Now you know how to set domain pricing and configure registrar modules in WHMCS.

Setting up Domain Pricing and Registrars in WHMCS