How to add and manage a WHM (reseller account) or servers in WHMCS?

This WHMCS tutorial and Managing Servers with WHMCS video tutorial teaches you how to add and manage your servers or WHM reseller accounts as it is the most important resource for a web hosting service provider.

As your hosting company grows, you’ll steadily have to purchase more and more servers or reseller accounts. WHMCS will help you keep track of them all, let’s learn how.

  1. Log into your WHMCS admin panel and click on Setupsetup-from-whmcs
  2. Mouse hover Products/
  3. Next click on Servers. WHMCS allows you to create server groups to configure sets of server to assign products to and have new orders rotate around servers/reseller accounts (WHM) within that group or fill until
  4. Let’s create a group. Click Create New Group.create-new-group-of-servers
  5. Give this new group a name. set-a-name-for-the-server-group
  6. We will add a server to this group later, for now click Save
  7. Group is created successfully. Now let’s add a new server. Click Add New
  8. Give the server a name.enter-a-new-name-for-the-server-created-in-whmcs
  9. Enter the Hostname and IP address (refer to your welcome email for these details)enter-hostname-and-IP-address
  10. Make note of the monthly cost of the server or reseller account and the data center it’s located in. set-monthly-cost-datacenter-values
  11. You can specify the maximum number of accounts that can be placed on the server or your reseller account in WHMCS using this setting.set-maximum-number-of-accounts
  12. If you’ve set this server up with the server status tracking system, enter the full path to the page.set-server-status-address
  13. Next, specify the hostname and IP address for this server’s or your reseller accounts nameservers. (refer to welcome email for these details)set-nameserver-values
  14. Select the server’s type. (Choose cPanel as your server/whm type)select-type-under-server details
  15. Fill in the username, password and/or access hash for this server (fill here with your WHM logins if you are adding a reseller account) or just leave these fields blank.type-in-server-details
  16. If you want any connections made to this server to be secure, tick this box.tick-to-use-ssl-mode-for-connection
  17. Then, click Save
  18. That’s it! The server/reseller account has been successfully added. You can access, edit or delete this server using these buttons.edit-server-created-in-WHMCS
  19. Let’s add this server to the group we created in the start of this tutorial.add-to-a-server
  20. All available servers are listed to the left of the screen.available servers
  21. Selected servers are listed to the right of the screen.selected-servers-whmcs-screen
  22. As there was no server earlier, system has added our new server automatically to the group. Now click on Save

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to manage servers in WHMCS.

Managing Servers with WHMCS