How to set up the WHMCS Knowledgebase?

Now let’s learn how to set up the WHMCS knowledgebase. Follow the demo video of this topic on Setting up the WHMCS Knowledgebase

  1. Go to the Support menu after logging in
  2. Click Knowledgebase link from the drop down
  3. Click Add Category
  4. Enter a Category Name and Description.add-a-category-name-for-the-knowledgebase-in-whmcs
  5. Now click on Add Category
  6. Now click Add
  7. Type a name for the article and click Add Article.set-a-article-name
  8. Finally, click on Save

Setting up the WHMCS Knowledgebase

That’s it! You now know how to set up the knowledgebase in WHMCS.


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