How to mass mail your clients within WHMCS?

Let’s learn how to mass mail clients using WHMCS. Follow the video tutorial of this on Mass Mail your Clients within WHMCS

  1. Click on the Clients tab after you’ve logged into
  2. Click on Mass Mail Tool
  3. Here you can choose what type of email you want to send. Each type has different options that can be
  4. Let’s send a product or service related
  5. We will leave Language as it is. Select active from Client Status.change-client-criteria-settings
  6. Now select a Product/Service.product-services-criteria
  7. Let’s set the Product/Service status to active.assign-server-for-the-email
  8.  If you have multiple server setup and want to limit the email to a single server, select it from the list at Assigned Server.
  9. Check the Send for Each Domain box to send an email for each domain.
  10. Now click Compose
  11. Type a subject, email message and attach any file you want to send along with the email.type-in-the-email-message
  12. You can use variables listed here in email, which will fill data automatically related to each client. Like {$service_order_id} will display individual order id to each client.available-merge-fields
  13. Check Save Message box for future use and enter
  14. When you are done, click Send

Mass Mail your Clients within WHMCS

That’s it! You now know how to mass mail clients in WHMCS.