How to manage the support ticket queue in WHMCS?

Almost all of your clients will eventually submit a support ticket for some reason. This tutorial will show you how to manage your WHMCS support queue. Watch the video of this episode of this on Managing Support Ticket Queue in WHMCS

  1. Log into WHMCS admin panel and click on the Support
  2. Click on Support
  3. To open a support ticket,click it’s
  4. You can change the ticket’s status using this drop-down menu.change-status-of-cancel-custom-server-order
  5. Enter your reply here, then scroll down.type-in-the-reply
  6. Select what to do after posting your
  7. You can insert a Knowledgebase Link a Predefined Ticket Reply or an Attachment using these fields.edit-the-support-ticket-reply-on-whmcs
  8. You can also add a billing entry right here, instead of having to do that separately.add-billing-entry-data
  9. Let’s add a Predefined
  10. Here is predefined replys category list. Choose only category we have Support.choose-support-category
  11. Select a
  12. The predefined reply has been inserted here. Note: The reply will overwrite any exisiting contents of the box. When finished, click Add
  13. Scroll down to verify that your reply was submitted correctly.
  14. Here it is! Now scroll back up and return to the support ticket queue.verify-reply
  15. Since the ticket is now marked In Progress, it will not show up here by default. You can change that by clicking the Search/Filter
  16. To view all tickets make sure you set Any in all options.change-status-of-reply
  17. Click Search/
  18. The page will reload, filtering the tickets as specified – in this case, all. You might find it useful to Auto Refresh the page every few minutes.choose-the-auto-refresh-tab
  19. Specify the interval, then click Set Auto
  20. You can also use MergeClose or Delete buttons to merge, close or delete tickets. Use Block Sender & Delete to block sender and delete the ticket if they are found to be spam.choose-buttons-to-eidt-the-reply

Managing Support Ticket Queue in WHMCS

This is the end of the tutorial. Now you know how to manage the support ticket queue in WHMCS.