How to manage invoices in WHMCS?

Learn how to manage invoices in WHMCS. Click here to watch the video of this tutorial.

  1. Click on the Billing tab after you’ve logged into WHMCS admin
  2. Click on the Invoices link from the drop down
  3. You can use the Search/Filter tab which is to the left to change which invoices are displayed.
  4. To perform an action on an invoice, click its
  5. Then click one of the button next to With Selected, We’ll mark this one as paid.
  6. You can also mark invoices as Unpaid or CancelledDelete an invoice or Send Reminder for an invoice.
  7. To Edit an invoice, click on an invoice
  8. At the bottom of an invoice’s page, you can modify the items on the invoice and view a list of payments received.invoice-interface
  9. With the Summary tab open, you can also perform the serveral actions listed at right. For unpaid invoices, you can re-send the reminder e-mails using the top two buttons.invoice-item-interface
  10. You can also add a payment to this invoice and apply a credit or a refund.
  11. When finish, scroll down and click on Save

Managing Invoices in WHMCS

This is the end of the tutorial. Now you know how to manage invoices with WHMCS.