How to manage downloads using WHMCS?

Now let’s learn how to manage downloads. This tutorial is written to explain how it’s done, watch the video episode of this on Managing Downloads using WHMCS

  1. Log into admin panel of WHMCS and go to the Support menu. click-on-the-setup-tab
  2. Click Downloads from the drop down
  3. Click Add Category tab.add-category-tab-of-whmcs-downloads-interface
  4. Type a Category Name and Description and click on Add Category. For this demonstration we created a category called Logos and as the description we said “Company logos”.
  5. Now click on the category we just
  6. Now click on the Add Download tab.add-downloads-tab
  7. Choose the Type.type-downloadable-format
  8. Enter a Title and Description.type-in-a-title-and-a-description
  9. You can upload a file using an FTP manager then type the URL to the file, or upload directly from your computer. We’ll choose Upload File.upload-file-option
  10. Click
  11. Locate the file on your local machine and double click on it.locate-file-from-your-computer
  12. To allow only logged in clients to download the file, check this box.allow-only-clients-to-download
  13. Click Add Download.add-download-button

Managing Downloads using WHMCS

That’s it! You now know how to manage downloads in WHMCS.