How to manage clients in WHMCS?

Let’s see how you can manage clients you’ve added to your system. This tutorial and the WHMCS demo video tutorial are created to help you with the steps of customer managing.

  1. Log into admin panel of your WHMCS account and click on the Clients
  2. Click View/Search Clients
  3. To view a client’s profile, click on the client’s
  4. This page will show you the client’s information and stats.whmcs-client-profile
  5. You can see here also list of shortcuts to actions that can be performed such as adding a new order for this client.products-and-services-short-cut-links
  6. Here we can see other information about the client and even send an email.send-email
  7. Here we can see a list of products/services, addons and domains this client has purchased.client-purchase-summary
  8. Now, click the Profile tab.client-profile-profile-tab
  9. Do the necessary modifications and click on Save Changes  button.
  10. Next we’re on the Contacts tab to add a contact for the chosen client.whmcs-client-profile-contacts-tab
  11. To edit client’s products and services, click on the Product ⁄ Services tab.products-and-services-tab-in-whmcs
  12. Now the Domains
  13. Here we can see the domains this client has purchased and edit information about each one.client-domain-tab-information
  14. Next to Billable Items. Here, if this client has been billed for additional items, they will show up on this page.billable-tab-to-show-all-billable-items-of-the-client
  15. Now the Invoices tab.  Any invoices this client has received will be listed here.invoices-tab
  16. Click on Quotes tab next. Any quotes you have given to this client will show up here.quotes-tab-of-whmcs-client-area
  17. Next to Transfer tab. If this client has sent a payment, it will show up below.transaction-tab
  18. Now the Email tab. Any emails this client has received in WHMCS will show up
  19. Click on Notes tab. Here you can add notes about the client.notes-tab
  20. Click the Log tab. This is a new tab and was introduced in WHMCS 5. log-tab
  21. You can see what client has done. He has modified password etc. You can also that who has performed action on client’s account, either client himself or admin.client-action-summary
  22. You will get complete actions details including, date, description, user and IP address.

Managing Clients in WHMCS

That’s it! You now know how to manage clients in WHMCS.