How easy is it to use MyCompanyWeb template?

It is quite easy to use the template and you can be up and running quickly. It will be half a day’s work as there is some amount of editing to do before it can start to function as your very own website. But you can easily modify them yourself.

Basically you have to:

    • replace the existing logo with yours (we can help you create your own customized company logo)
    • replace “mycompanyweb” (found on the banner in the first page, i.e. the index.htm) text with your company name
    • add your contact information
    • add copyrights statement
    • add your social media network connections
    • update certain links in the site (we can update the payment links on your request)
    • add 2CO payment gateway or any payment gateway (such as PayPal) that you prefer (this process takes less than 15 minutes)



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