How to update your contact information in cPanel?

Your cPanel account with SkyNetHosting.Net can send notifications to for various reasons, and in particular notices concerning your account such as disk quota and bandwidth. In this tutorial you will learn about how you can update your contact information and we have included images of each step to make it easy to follow. Also we have a great video tutorial on Getting familiar with cPanel – Updating my contact information in cPanel so remember to check that as well.

Okay, let’s get on with the tutorial and as always make sure that you are logged into your cPanel account.

  1. Click the Update Contact Info icon under the Preferences section.cpanel-update-contact-information-icon
  2. On the next screen, enter a correct and a working email address. It is very important that you do so, as this will be the email address you will be contacted with when it comes to system related matters. So double check before you
  3. If you have another working email address, it’s best you enter that here as well. This is useful  in case you become unreachable with the first email address
  4. Set the contact preferences as your choice, so you will be notified about disk quota, bandwidth usage limit, or email account quota details. And finally click on Save to finish it off.set-contact-preferences
  5. On completion the following screen will

Updating my contact information in cPanel

This concludes the tutorial on updating your contact information. Now know how to setup your contact information, and be up-to date! Chek out other great features of cPanel’s Preferences section