How to setup desktop shortcuts for cPanel?

Easily access your cPanel by adding cPanel shortcuts to your desktop. This tutorial talks about how you can create shortcuts to cPanel and Webmail on your desktop, making it quick and simple to get to those pages. Along with the text-image based tutorial, watch our video on Getting familiar with cPanel – Setting up shortcuts for cPanel to summarize all you learned in detail.

  1.  Click the Shortcuts icon under the “Preferences” section after you log into your cPanel account.cpanel-shortcuts-icon
  2. You’ll come to the Shortcuts page where there will be a list of currently available shortcuts that you can copy to your desktop. For the purpose of this tutorial we will copy cPanel and Webmail shortcuts. To add any of the two shortcuts, simply click and hold down one of the links with the left mouse button and drag it to your desktop. Now release the left mouse button and the shortcuts will be copied.shortcut-links-CPANEL
  3. That’s all you got to do! Once the shortcuts are  there, its just a matter of double clicking on the shortcut(s) to quickly access the page(s).shortcut-links2-CPANEL

Setting up shortcuts for cPanel

This is the end of this tutorial. You now know how to create desktop shortcuts to your cPanel web mail and control panel. More Preferences tools.