How to use Webmail via cPanel?

With cPanel’s email set up, you can read your emails in 2 different ways. One of course the direct way and the other the indirect way. Generally most users will read their emails using the direct method, so as your web host tells you, your webmail url will look something similar to this: http://your-website-address/webmail .

Another option to access email directly via cpanel is by using the default webmail port 2095,  typing http://your-website-address:2095  as the url address. Either way you can choose to log into webamil directly.  

Talking about the indirect method, most administrators make use of this method so to access different email accounts through cPanel. Few tutorials back we discussed about creating a POP email account – which you can find on:

How to create a POP email account there we talked about the way to read Webmail of the default account under the section “ How to access webmail or web-based email clients”.

This tutorial is written to discuss administrator’s approach – the indirect method. Find this process as a video on Getting familiar with cPanel – Using Webmail via cPanel.

How to use Webmail via cPanel?

  1. Click on the Email Accounts icon (NOT the Webmail icon)email-account-icon-cpanel
  2. If you have created some amount of email accounts, all of that will be listed on your Emails Accounts page. Click on the More button of the email account you wish to access.access-Webmail
  3. Select Access Webmail from the drop menu.Webmail-option-for-a-selected-account
  4. On the next that appears, enter the password of the chosen email address. Please be careful and double check to make sure you have typed the password of that email address and NOT the password of your cPanel account.enter-password-of-the-selected-account
  5. When the correct password is entered, click on the Log in button to log in.log-into-account
  6. Out of the 3 web mail client options:  Horde, Roundcube and SquirrelMailchoose what you would like to use. For this particular tutorial we will use Horde as the client software.horde-webmail-client
    Horde interface:

    • This is the Horde webmail main screen, where we can check our inboxhorde-interface-inbox
    • Compose a New Messagescreate-new-message-horde
    • and finally Log out from Horde.log-out-horde

cpanel-access-webmail-iconThe Webmail icon in cPanel does NOT take you to the email accounts you created for yourself and your users.  Instead it shows you the default email account for your hosting account where server messages are sent sometimes. To use webmail for your email accounts, please follow the above process.

Using Webmail via cPanel

Within minutes you have managed to accessed your email through cPanel. Now was it difficult? Here’s the rest of Mail category