How to view your Website stats in cPanel?

If you are the owner of an online website, you will definitely want view detailed statistical information about your website, including number of hits, unique visits, page visits and more. With cPanel’s built in statistical tools you can keep track of your website on an hour to hour basis. In this tutorial you will learn about how to view your website’s statics and how to download that information to make strategic decision in the future.

Check out our video tutorial on Familiarizing cPanel : How to view statistics of your website in cPanel 

  1. Log into cPanel and scroll down to the Logs section. Click on Webalizer icon.CPANEL-webalizer
  2. Next, click on the view icon next to the chosen domain name to view stats of it.Webalizer-stats-interface1
  3. You will land on the main page of Webalizer, here you can view visitor stats in different formats.main-webalizer-page
  4. The bottom table reflects statistics of monthly usage.monthly-stats-webalizer
  5. Click on the month of interest to study hourly figures.expanded-month-stats-view
  6. To view analog stats, click on Analog Stats in the Logs area.analog-stats
  7. From the month list, choose the month you want to view usage stats.monthly-stats-view
  8. At a glance you can see the usage stats and you can study it in a number of ways.usage-analog-stats
  9. To download these logs click on Raw Access Logs under Logs section. By downloading these logs, you can analyze the usage data with your own data analysis
  10. Click Save File, then click OK to save it to your computer.raw-access-log-save
  11. That’s it! The raw data has been saved to our computer.downloaded-raw-access-log

How to view stats of your website in cPanel

Congratulation! Now you know how to access your website statistics and download the raw access logs for later analysis.