How to login to my cPanel Control Panel?

We use a control panel when it comes to handling technical functionalities of a web hosting account. In this case we will be using cPanel as our control panel. cPanel helps to manage your web account’s  emails, databases, subdomains and many others  plus  let’s you keep an eye on your stats and install applications & scripts a lot easily.

In this tutorial you will find answers to the following questions:

  1. How to access my cPanel?
  2. How to log into my cPanel Account?
  3. What does my cPanel interface look like?
  4. How to log out from cPanel?

You can either read through this tutorial to get an understanding about the above steps or can watch the video tutorial on Getting familiar with cPanel – Log into cPanel.

How to access my cPanel

Open your favorite web browser and enter the cPanel URL of your website. The URL will look some thing similar to this: http://your-website-address/cpanel/ 


Since this is the first time you are actually going to log into cPanel, you will be prompted with the above screen. This may look like a serious security issue at first because it’s warning you that your website’s security certificate has expired and you might start to feel that your website has been hacked! But actually it is not so, your website and other relating information is still well secured. The reason why this message shows up is because you are trying to access your cpanel account via port number “2083”.

Click on the Proceed anyway button to exit the screen and continue to log into cPanel. To avoid this issue next time you log in, type: http://your-website-address:2082 as the URL.

How to log into my cPanel Account

Let’s login to cPanel. Enter the username and password given to you by your web hosting service provider.

  1. Enter your Usernamecpanel-login-interface-1
  2. Enter your Passwordcpanel-login-interface-2
  3. Click on the Login button to log into cPanelcpanel-login-button

That’s it! you’ve successfully logged into cPanel.

What does my cPanel interface look like?

This is just a glimpse of your cPanel account. There is more functinalities as you scroll down the first page. In our tutorials to come we will cover all cPanel’s features in detail.


How do I log out of my cPanel account?

Okay time to log out, click on the the Log out icon on the upper right corner of the interface.


Getting familiar with cPanel – Log into cPanel.

This completes this tutorial on how to login to cPanel, in the following tutorials we’ll learn about other exciting features in the this user interface.