How to Limit Bandwidth usage in WHM?

The bandwidth quota defines the allowed amount of traffic to and from the server to an account for every month. This quota value is usually defined in packages and each account created is being assigned to one of these packages. Upgrading or downgrading the account to another package that has a different bandwidth quota values will adjust the bandwidth quota automatically.

This tutorial is written to show you how you can limit or extend the bandwidth quota for any account within your WHM resellers account. Watch the video created for tutorial as well – Limit Bandwidth usage in WHM

  1. First log into WHM and click Accounts Functions link.account-functions-feature
  2. Now click Limit Bandwidth Usage.linit-bandwidth-usage
  3. A hosting account’s bandwidth limit cannot be exceeded. When it’s reached, the account will stop working until either:
    1. The end of the month (when bandwidth usages are reset)
    2. The bandwidth limit is increased

    Every account in WHM already has a bandwidth limit, as it would have been set when the account was created. Let’s go ahead and check the bandwidth limit on one of the listed hosted accounts.

  4. Select
  5. Click the Limit
  6. Here we can see that the account has used 0MB (or megabytes) of bandwidth. It has a bandwidth limit of 10,000 megabytes.
  7. Let’s go ahead and increase this account’s bandwidth limit by typing in a new value here.set-bandwidth-limit
  8. Click
  9. That’s it! The bandwidth limit for this account has been changed. Now go to Account Information.
  10. Now click the View Bandwidth Usage link here.view-bandwidth-usage
  11. From here you can see the bandwidth used by each individual account in WHM. The amount of bandwidth used is shown in this column.bandwidth-summary-of-each-account
  12. You can see the modified bandwidth we just did here.modified-bandwidth
  13. The amount of bandwidth used is shown in this column.used-bandwidth-amount
  14. Click on Last Month to see how much bandwidth each account used last month.view-last-month's-bandwidth-usage
  15. Click here to show the bandwidth usages and limits in MB (megabytes) instead of GB (gigabytes).show-units-im-mega-bytes
  16. Bandwidth limits and usages are now shown in

Limit Bandwidth usage in WHM

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to manage the bandwidth limits for your hosting accounts and how to check current and past bandwidth usages.