How to use File Manager in cPanel?

In this short tutorial you will learn about cPanel’s method of file managing – the File Manager. Follow along as we discuss about it’s interface and creating a new file and a new folder. Also don’t forget to checkout the video tutorial on  Getting familiar with cPanel – How to use File Manger included in this.

Your cPanel account allows you to access, view, add, modify and even delete files from your account super easily with File Manager. This utility tool comes in very handy, when you don’t have access to an FTP application. To use file manager, you need to be logged into cPanel first.

  1. From the Files section select File Manager.file-manager-icon-in-CPANEL
  2. When you click on the File Manager, you will be prompted with a pop-up menu asking what directory you would like to start with. To access your website files check “Web Root” and click on “Go.” In case you need to work with he php.ini or the .htaccess files, it’s wise to check the “Show Hidden Files” box before hand.file-manager-directory-selection
  3. This is the File Manager interface, where you can upload files to your account, delete files, change file permissions, and a lot more. On the left is a collapsible list of folders of your account. On the right is a list of all files and folders within the folder selected on the left. It is in the public_html folder where your website files (html pages, gif images, etc) must go.cpanel-public-html
  4.  Click on the Upload icon  which you will find on the task bar to upload files to your account. cpanel-upload-icon
  5. Click on the Browse button (or Choose File) to navigate and find the file you are hoping to upload. From the Upload Files interface you can set file permission as well. At the bottom right corner you will see a progress bar, this will help you know when the uploading is complete. Repeat the process to upload all you need to. Once done click on Back to / Home /username /public_html to return to File Manager screen. upload-files
  6. Click on New Folder icon on the task bar to create a new folder.CPANEL-new-folder
  7. A pop-up menu will appear, and it is here you will enter a name for the folder.file-manager-create-new-folder
  8. As the name implies, click on New File icon to create a new
  9. A pop-up menu will appear, and it is here you will enter a name for the file.create-new-file-filemanager
  10. Click on Change Permission icon to change permission levels of files or folders. cpanel-change-permission-icon

How to use File Manager in cPanel

There you have it! Now you know how to use file manager.Please click here to learn about all functionalities listed in the Files section of cPanel control panel.