How to create additional FTP accounts in cPanel?

This detailed tutorial will show you the way to access your account by creating a FTP account in cPanel. First and foremost it is essential that you create a FTP hosting account so you could upload and manage your files. By default, you already have a FTP account. Use this to log into your cPanel. After that you can create additional FTP accounts for other users of your system and define different levels of access so they could be assigned to specific directories. Doing so you would not need to give out your cPanel log in information.

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  1. Log into cPanel and click on FTP Accounts under the Files section.FTP-icon-in-cpanel
  2. On the next screen, enter a new log
  3. Then enter and confirm a password for the new log in.ftp-new-account-CPanel
  4. Next, to the right of “Directory: /”, cPanel will guess and fill in the directory; thinking that is what you want- however, this is wrong . That is because cPanel guesses the directory name is exactly same as the FTP username, but it is not so. Therefore it’s best that you clear off everything after “public_html/” and provide a directory you would like that particular user to have access to. This process of providing different directories to users is where you determine a user’s scope of access. Whatever directory you specify, the FTP user will not be able to navigate out of that folder. But, they will be able to navigate and access all files and sub folders inside that folder.
  5. For the Quota, set the maximum bandwidth this FTP user may use. If you leave the quota at unlimited, then the FTP user will have the ability to use the total amount of bandwidth for the cPanel account. When ready, click Create FTP Account.FTP-accounts-interface
  6. That’s it! The new FTP account has been
  7. From here you can change the FTP account’s password, change it’s quota, or delete the account altogether.edit-ftp-account

How to create FTP accounts in cPanel

You just completed setting up FTP accounts. Click here to learn about other tools listed under Files of cPanel.