How to setup Domain Redirects in cPanel?

Follow this tutorial and it’s video tutorial: How to setup domain Redirects in cPanel and learn how to set up Redirects for domains in cPanel.

There may be times where you want to re-direct traffic from one domain to another domain. For specific web pages, this can be done at domain level. Say and it’s web traffic can be redirected to OR can be redirected to

  1. First you will need to log into cpanel and under the Domains section select the Redirects icon.redirect-icon
  2. Choose between temporary and permanent options to make the redirect one of it.temporary-or-permanent-cpanel-redirects
  3. Enter the url that you want to redirect.redirect-url
  4. Then enter the destination url; the url where you want visitors to be redirected to.destination-redirect-url
  5. Click Add to complete the set up.complete-redirection
  6. Now when someone visits the contact.html page, they’ll automatically be redirected to thecontactus.html page. Click on Go Back.redirects-CPanel
  7. In the bottom table, all the redirects you created are listed and its here you manage them. To remove any created redirect, click on the red cross as shown in the below image.manage-redirect-screen

How to setup domain Redirects in cPanel

That’s it! You just learned how to create and manage Redirect of you account. Click here to see all of Domains tools in cpanel.