How to Park a Domain in cPanel?

Adding parked domains to your account is easy with cPanel control panel’s Parked Domain tool. With a parked domain set up, you can reach your domain even when the parked domain is typed into a browser. Domain names spelled differently can still be directed to the desired parked domain added domain name. In short parked domains can be looked as means to let people be able to reach you  when you have additional domain names.

This tutorial is written to explain all about creating Parked Domains. Also check out the video tutorial of this section:  How to park a domain in cPanel?

  1. After you’ve logged into cPanel conteol panel, scroll down to the Domains section and click on Parked Domains icon.parked-domain-CPANEL
  2. Enter the new domain you want to park here, then click Add Domain.parked-domains-interface
  3. That’s it! Now when someone browses to, they’ll automatically be redirected to All you parked domains will be listed here and you can manage or delete them as you please.parked-domin-create-new-domain

How to park a domain in cPanel


Be sure to set your parked domain name’s DNS settings to the same as your main domain or the redirection will not work

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to park another domain name on your account from cPanel. See other utility tool of the Domains category.