How to setup a Cron Jobs in cPanel?

To run Unix commands and to automate the execution of your PHP, Perl, or Python Scripts you can use cPanel’s Cron Jobs tool. This tutorial will walk through on creating Cron Jobs for you control panel – cPanel account. Also watch : How to setup a Cron Jobs in cPanel?

  1. Click the Cron Jobs icon under Advanced area after logging into cPanel.corn-jobs-icon-cpanel
  2. Enter the email address where you want the cron job results sent after each time it runs.corn-jobs-interface
  3. Now you have to define exactly when and how often you want the cron job to run. This is made easier by using one of the pre-defined or Common Settings.common-settings-corn-jobs
  4. Notice that by choosing a common setting, all fields are filled in automatically. This also helps you understand what each field means. Let’s choose Once a week.common-settings-corn-jobs-options
  5. Next, enter the command of the script you want to run, including the path (from root).add-new-corn-job-command
  6. When ready, click Add New Cron Job.add-new-corn-job
  7. That’s it! The cron job has been set as you can see here.success-screen-cornjobs
  8. You can create additional cron jobs, and edit or delete existing ones.modify-CORNJOBS

How to setup a Cron Jobs in cPanel?

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to setup cron jobs in cPanel. More on cPanel control panel Advanced tools



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