How to create custom Error Pages in cPanel?

404- Page not Found! All you readers out there would have come across this error at some point while surfing the internet. This one of the errors the served by the browser and there are many others for different issues. In most cases these error messages show up on a simple white background with black text on it. But did you know, you could actually customize the appearance, maybe to suite your website’s theme?

In this article we will discuss how to create custom error page for 404 error using cPanel tool Error Pages. Follow this process on our video: How to create custom error pages in cPanel?

  1. Log into you cPanel account and scroll down to the Advanced section to find the Error Pages icon, click on it.error-pages-icon-cpanel
  2. Click the 404 link. This is where you create your custom error page. You can include one or more tags to further customize the page. You can also use HTML tags in your page, thus making it easy to match the look of your error page to the rest of your website theme.404-not-found-error
  3. Now let’s create our custom 404 error pageeditig-404-interface
  4. When finished, click Save and you are done.erroe-page-screen
  5. You can customize the other error pages as well but you could keep them as it is if you prefer. All accounts come preset with standard error pages.customizing-error

How to create custom error pages in cPanel?

This is the end of the tutorial. You just learned how to create and customize error page 404 in cPanel. More tools of the Advanced section.